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The identity for Chef Sanjay Matta is a combination of three icons - fresh fruit and vegetables, seafood and herbs. The type and colours are modern and light and connote the ocean - limitless and a wealth of delicious, fresh ingredients. The website for the Chef Sanjay Matta was designed to position and communicate the Professional Chef at Large and his ‘Terroir cuisine’ based on French techniques, whilst adapting the principles of ‘slow food’ - good, clean and fair’. The website features the Chef’s Signature Recipes along with his thoughts, travels and gallery of photographs. Information on Services and the areas of consultancy and responsibility in F&B Operations are also given on the website along with the Chef’s credentials and new/y formed Trust - Cuisine des Chefs, a platform aimed at culinary excellence – to promote and facilitate multi-faceted benefits to both ends of the epicurean community.