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Nuxalbari Tea Estate is a 1200 acre property in the Darjeeling District, and one of the oldest tea estates in India. The Nawab of Jalpaiguri - Khan Bahadur Musharraf Hussain began his lifelong love affair in 1899, traveling on elephant back across the swampy jungles of northeast India, clearing great swathes of forests and scrub and planting the best quality tea seeds imported from China. Today, his great grand daughter, Sonia Jabbar, works towards sustainable development of the estate so that the 1000 families dependent on it prosper with it. She has over 33 acres of the Tea Estate under organic tea and is still producing ‘The Best Tea Estate in the World. No doubt about it.’ Fisheye is working with Sonia to position and create a new brand identity for Nuxalbari Tea Estate. The featured logo is not the final selected logo and we are still in the process of designing the same, to suit contemporary context, whilst keeping the history and legacy of the Estate in mind.