Jagdish Mills based in Gujarat has attained a good reputation in the market for manufacturing, supplying and exporting an outstanding range of Rice and Wheat Products. Fisheye was asked to design the brand identity and packaging for Azra, a premium rice product of Jagdish Mills for the Gulf market. we have put in place a… Continue reading AZRA Rice

Burmese Kitchen

Burmese Kitchen began its modest operations with a single Burmese dish – Khow Suey in 2009. Soon the home delivery firm grew to 3500 customers offering a full Burmese, Thai, Chinese, International, Moroccan, and Hyderabadi cuisine in the Delhi/NCR area. Fisheye designed the website for Burmese Kitchen so that customers could directly create and cost… Continue reading Burmese Kitchen

Le Passage to India Group of Travel Companies

Le Passage to India is a premier travel group headquartered in New Delhi, India. Symbolic of exotic, mysterious and beautiful India, the brand identity centres around the graphical representation of a ‘hibiscus’ (a large tropical flower commonly found in the Indian subcontinent). Using a varied colour palette, we showcase a contemporary, young and friendly image… Continue reading Le Passage to India Group of Travel Companies


Mintcentive is an incentive travel company that provides the opportunity for establishments to reward their employees with travel packages. The identity merges the graphic representation of a hot air balloon with a mint leaf – combining adventure with freshness. The forms, colours and translucent applications of the logo elicit feelings of relaxation, rejuvenation and the… Continue reading Mintcentive

32 East Village

The brand identity and website for this boutique vacation rental in Manhattan, captures the essence of walking through the East Village in New York city, with its brownstones, quaint shops and bustling streets. The photographic montage and illustrations have been created to portray the spirit of the city that never sleeps. The CMS website and… Continue reading 32 East Village

Nandadevi – An Estate In Binsar Sanctuary

Nandadevi Estate is an exclusive heritage estate tucked away in the Binsar sanctuary. The brand identity is a visual representation of the name and its finest feature – an unparalleled view of the Nandadevi mountain from the Estate. The story of the mountain peak, the estate, its history, surrounding region and unique offerings, unfurls through… Continue reading Nandadevi – An Estate In Binsar Sanctuary


Cavala has been home to travellers and explorers from across the world. From being the melting pot of culture and music to being a heaven of old Goan charm, the vibe of this old-school nest remains unchanged. Fisheye worked on creating it’s whole identity, website and it’s emailers for social media specially designed illustration for… Continue reading Cavala

Indian Routes

The brand identity for this niche inbound travel company is an elegant logotype accompanied with a palette of fresh bougainvillea and rich saffron. The extended ribbons, swirling from the type, represent a journey – from beginning to the end, filled with adventure – integral to the discovery of India.

Flip Bistro & Takeout

The naming, identity and tagline for a Flip Bistro was conceptualised and created. The hand drawn logotype visually contained both the healthy (the angelic halo) and not-so-healthy (the devils tail) handmade food that was served daily in the restaurant. A set of 6 pictograms were designed for Flip Bistro as visual icons to embody the… Continue reading Flip Bistro & Takeout


The identity for the Stonor heritage manor house with gardens is a visual representation of the actual neo gothic inspired structure, flanked by Chiltern Oaks and inspired by a painting of the House. The application of the identity extends to marketing tools such as the website and brochure. The website design and content invites people… Continue reading Stonor


Duurbeen (Urdu for Binoculars)  – Bespoke Travel Connoisseurs is a travellers dream, providing tailormade holidays to suit any out of the ordinary travel experiences. The design of the brand identity is a closer look into far off experiencial destinations, through a Binocular’s lens. Fisheye Design played a crucial role in strategising and generating content that would… Continue reading Duurbeen

Republic of Chicken

Promoted by the Alchemist Group, Republic of Chicken (ROC) is one of India’s largest integrated poultry producers who supply premium chicken products to leading global brands such as KFC (Yum Brands), Oberoi’s, Lite bite foods, Walmart, Spencers, Nature’s Basket & other Hypermarkets. ROC also has its own retail brand. The identity for Republic of Chicken… Continue reading Republic of Chicken

Harvest Select

The surface packaging identity and graphics were designed for 2 new products of Harvest Gold Foods – Harvest Gold, Ready Roti and Harvesr Select, OatMeal and Wheatgrain Bread. Information graphics and the wheatgrain mascot were developed for the Brand.


The identity for a Bollywood themed restaurant in London draws inspiration from Indian Cinema and has been applied onto the actual space – facade and interiors, print communication and promotion, and exclusive graphic art posters for the launch celebrating 75 years of Indian Cinema. Apart from visual communication, Fisheye was involved in the interiors and… Continue reading Sitaaray

Mediterraneo Kastelorizo

A website was designed for a french architect, Marie who runs a fabulous waterfront boutique hotel ‘Mediterraneo Kastelorizo’, which is located on the southeastern most edge of Greece, on the little picturesque island of Kastelorizo. The design of the website tries to capture the essence of the Hotel and the island through photographs and illustrations… Continue reading Mediterraneo Kastelorizo

Nuxalbari Tea Estate

Nuxalbari Tea Estate is a 1200 acre property in the Darjeeling District, and one of the oldest tea estates in India. The Nawab of Jalpaiguri – Khan Bahadur Musharraf Hussain began his lifelong love affair in 1899, traveling on elephant back across the swampy jungles of northeast India, clearing great swathes of forests and scrub… Continue reading Nuxalbari Tea Estate

The Cupcakery

The Brand Identity was designed for ‘The Cupcakery’ – a brand of handmade cupcakes, stylishly decorated with a swirl of different flavours and captivating toppings! The identity focussed on the swirl of cupcakes and the coloured toppings that were signature to the brand. The typography and colours complimented the symbol and allowed innovative adaptations of… Continue reading The Cupcakery

Klub Ibiza

Klub Ibiza was a brand created by Unitech India as an entertainment, food and relaxation area for the employees working at Unitech Infospace Centres across India. The colours, typography and tagline “non stop living”™ of the Klub Ibiza Brand Identity took inspiration from the mood and colours of the “non stop party”™ Spanish island of… Continue reading Klub Ibiza

Global Makeovers

Global Makeovers is a medical tourism facilitator specialising in the area of cosmetic procedures. Customers are provided post surgery care in exotic holiday destinations, so they may recover in complete privacy. The identity created for the company portrays a butterfly resting on a leaf, connoting beauty, care and transformation. The forms and colours take inspiration… Continue reading Global Makeovers

Chef Sanjay Matta

The identity for Chef Sanjay Matta is a combination of three icons – fresh fruit and vegetables, seafood and herbs. The type and colours are modern and light and connote the ocean – limitless and a wealth of delicious, fresh ingredients. The website for the Chef Sanjay Matta was designed to position and communicate the… Continue reading Chef Sanjay Matta

First Choice

An American rice brand entering the markets in Africa required an identity distinct from its competitors through packaging that would create an association between ‘America’ and ‘good quality’ in the minds of the people. The logo uses very simple puns of the numeral ‘01’ in the word ‘choice’ as well as the visual of the… Continue reading First Choice

Lotus Indian Bistro

The identity for an Indian Bistro in Chicago uses forms and colours derived from the lotus flower, which is traditionally associated with culture and beauty in India, but is depicted in a contemporary manner. This is reflective of the Indian food and its contemporary presentation at the Bistro. The colours invert for a lighter look… Continue reading Lotus Indian Bistro

The Jungle Lodges

Tiger Resort Pvt Ltd was established in 1987 to provide the sophisticated, environmentally friendly experience of untamed beauty of Kanha and Bandhavgarh National Parks – through the Jungle Lodges. A brochure for Tiger Resorts was designed for the Sankhala family who has a history of wildlife conservation from the 1970’s.

Experience India

A Travel Brochure was designed for Liberty International Tourism Group to position travel in India as a kaleidoscope of sights, scents and sounds – Iconic. Incredible. Inspiring. Irresistible. A kaleidoscope of sights, scents and sounds. The brochure opened to a photo-collage of eclectic images of India, representing the visual chaos of  as well as her… Continue reading Experience India

Shilpa’s Artisinal Bread

A brand identity and packaging labels were designed for Shilpa, an individual in Goa who was preparing and supplying artisinal handmade bread made with the goodness of jowar (sorghum), bajra (pearl millet), ragi (finger millet), soya, oats, barley, wheat bran, whole-cornflour. We coined the brand name as Shilpa and asked for her hand written signature.… Continue reading Shilpa’s Artisinal Bread

The Imperial Hotel

A new website was designed & developed for the hotel which included an efficient and user friendly content management system. With its brand at the forefront, the website conveys the hotel’s grand essence, through photography and graphics. Information on the various types of rooms, dining options, history and art are presented clearly, along with regular… Continue reading The Imperial Hotel

Eat Foodounge

EAT – Food lounge is a premium food court venture with an optimum mix of national and international F&B brands providing for fast moving food items under one roof. The Brand Identity was designed keeping in mind the ambience, space and cuisines to suit all palettes and is a thought bubble that acts as a… Continue reading Eat Foodounge

Bella Vista Estate

Fisheye designed a print brochure for Bella Vista Estate, an exclusive double story Portuguese-Colonial style villa located in Goa – reconstructed to perfection in style, taste and workmanship. Where residence can be had by invitation alone.