Burmese Kitchen

Burmese Kitchen began its modest operations with a single Burmese dish – Khow Suey in 2009. Soon the home delivery firm grew to 3500 customers offering a full Burmese, Thai, Chinese, International, Moroccan, and Hyderabadi cuisine in the Delhi/NCR area. Fisheye designed the website for Burmese Kitchen so that customers could directly create and cost… Continue reading Burmese Kitchen

Vistaar Art Show

The event identity and catalog for an art show – Vistaar for Seven Art Limited Gallery, visually connotes the meaning of the name ‘vistaar’ in hindi – ‘wide open spaces’. Through the use of a strong highlight colour on a neutral palette, and the creation of spacial planes reflective of the actual exhibition space design,… Continue reading Vistaar Art Show

Ties that Bind Foundation

Ties that Bind Foundation is an NGO set up to establish four pillars that create common human ties that bind society towards the collective purposes, feeling of oneness and creating a unified consciousness. The colours and identity were inspired by keeping in mind the “unified conciousnessaim to help people to not reach the bottom of… Continue reading Ties that Bind Foundation

32 East Village

The brand identity and website for this boutique vacation rental in Manhattan, captures the essence of walking through the East Village in New York city, with its brownstones, quaint shops and bustling streets. The photographic montage and illustrations have been created to portray the spirit of the city that never sleeps. The CMS website and… Continue reading 32 East Village

Nandadevi – An Estate In Binsar Sanctuary

Nandadevi Estate is an exclusive heritage estate tucked away in the Binsar sanctuary. The brand identity is a visual representation of the name and its finest feature – an unparalleled view of the Nandadevi mountain from the Estate. The story of the mountain peak, the estate, its history, surrounding region and unique offerings, unfurls through… Continue reading Nandadevi – An Estate In Binsar Sanctuary

Purple Valley Yoga

Purple Valley is a peaceful ashtanga yoga retreat centre in Goa, located on India’s west coast, close to sandy beaches and the Arabian Sea. Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga which is a moving meditation – a system of flowing postures, linked by the breath. Inspired by this special movement of synchronised breath Fisheye created it’s identity using… Continue reading Purple Valley Yoga


Cavala has been home to travellers and explorers from across the world. From being the melting pot of culture and music to being a heaven of old Goan charm, the vibe of this old-school nest remains unchanged. Fisheye worked on creating it’s whole identity, website and it’s emailers for social media specially designed illustration for… Continue reading Cavala

A Goa Green Map Story

The Goa Green Map story is a self initiative to keep Goa clean, green and beautiful. Green in terms of activities related to sustainability, clean in order to encourage proper waste management and beautiful in terms of its rich and glorious heritage. The idea is to share interesting stories on the preservation of Goa instead… Continue reading A Goa Green Map Story

Indus: Mission & Vision

In 2020, Indus Towers stepped into a new chapter of digital connectivity with the merger with Bharti Infratel Limited. To reflect upon the tremendous growth potential and to celebrate the 1st year of the merger – Indus Towers redefined the ideology of the merged entity and co-created its Mission, Vision and Values. Fisheye helped giving… Continue reading Indus: Mission & Vision


The identity for the Stonor heritage manor house with gardens is a visual representation of the actual neo gothic inspired structure, flanked by Chiltern Oaks and inspired by a painting of the House. The application of the identity extends to marketing tools such as the website and brochure. The website design and content invites people… Continue reading Stonor

Viento Furniture

A visual identity system in terms of illustration style, colours and brand positioning was developed for Viento – a collaboration of a furniture manufacturing company and an industrial designer. Viento offered furniture systems and spaces for educational spaces with a sustainable approach to prioduction and use. Fisheye created an interactive template design for Viento to… Continue reading Viento Furniture


Duurbeen (Urdu for Binoculars)  – Bespoke Travel Connoisseurs is a travellers dream, providing tailormade holidays to suit any out of the ordinary travel experiences. The design of the brand identity is a closer look into far off experiencial destinations, through a Binocular’s lens. Fisheye Design played a crucial role in strategising and generating content that would… Continue reading Duurbeen

Imaging on India

Fisheye on India aims to capture contemporary Indian culture, through the medium of postcards. Informative yet funny, provocative yet relevant, they make great gifts for special friends and aquaintances. Fisheye on India aims to capture contemporary Indian culture, through the medium of postcards. Informative yet funny, provocative yet relevant, they make great gifts for special… Continue reading Imaging on India


‘Examine Engage Empower was the tagline coined by Fisheye for IPPAI – an independent body that provides a neutral platform for the discussion and examination of issues critical to the development of the private power sector in India. The redesign of the identity is the infinity symbol in the form of a mobius strip, representing… Continue reading IPPAI

Assagao Birthing Centre

The Assagao Birthday Centre is founded by Corinna Stahlhofen – an afrogerman midwife living in Goa – who designed the Centre to be a peaceful, home like and safe environment  set in lush greenery – to support and empower pregnant women through their pregnancy, natural child birth and/or water birth and to provide post natal… Continue reading Assagao Birthing Centre

Sushumna Yoga

Sushumna offers a healing environment that is extraordinary for the holistic treatment of the mind, body and soul through. The redesign of the website for Sushumna Yoga School & Studio’s in Goa required a look and feel which gave information about its programs, vision and teachers with was apt, user friendly and functional. Keeping the… Continue reading Sushumna Yoga

Mediterraneo Kastelorizo

A website was designed for a french architect, Marie who runs a fabulous waterfront boutique hotel ‘Mediterraneo Kastelorizo’, which is located on the southeastern most edge of Greece, on the little picturesque island of Kastelorizo. The design of the website tries to capture the essence of the Hotel and the island through photographs and illustrations… Continue reading Mediterraneo Kastelorizo

Quercus Associates

The identity for an advisory company that specialises in investment advisory in the world’s emerging markets, is a stylised representation of the Oak tree leaf (Quercus is Oak in Latin). The Red and gold palette were chosen as are the main Logo colours to reach out to an audience in the East, where the colours… Continue reading Quercus Associates

Mozaic Design

A website template was designed for the Product Design and Architecture Solutions Firm, Mozaic located in the Design Valley in Goa. The website was designed not only to position the work portfolio done by the firm, but also their ethos to encourage sustainable practices in architecture as well as industrial products. The identity draws inspiration… Continue reading Mozaic Design


The identity for a business school – SOIL, is a visual representation of the name bringing out the various attributes – growth, individuality, inspiration and success. The tree form is a positive metaphor for learning in traditional Indian culture. The Corporate Brochure, Program Brochures, Certificates, advertisements and the Website for SOIL was designed to position… Continue reading Soil

Panchachuli Women Weavers

The identity, product catalog and photographic styling for an exclusive range of pashmina, lambswool, Himalyan nettle and camel wool ready to wear products for Panchachuli Women Weavers – an organisation in the Kumaon region of the Indian Himalayas brought together elegant design with understated styling and photography. The original mark in the logo was retained… Continue reading Panchachuli Women Weavers

Sheyna Baig – Artist

An international artist of Indian origin, Sheyna’s odyssey into the world of painting began at the age of three. Nature is an essential element in her work. She also specialises in portraits, discovering the universality of emotions as she explores the synergy between man and nature. Keeping this in mind we designed a website for… Continue reading Sheyna Baig – Artist

Townland Architects

A website was designed and developed for TOWNLAND, an award winning international, multidisciplinary planning and design consultancy headquartered in Hong Kong. The website templates gave information on the firm’s professional services in the areas of Urban and Regional Planning, Development Consultancy, Master Planning, Urban Design, Architecture, Landscape Design and Social Development throughout the Asia Pacific… Continue reading Townland Architects

RKA Architects

The website for RKA, an established and reputed architectural firm, is a platform to showcase the services and portfolio of the firm, in a manner that brings out the essence of their ideology and design sensibility. The website also displays their numerous projects under appropriate categories, to make this functional website a strong marketing tool.… Continue reading RKA Architects

Circle CEO Conclave

Circle CEO Conclave, as the name suggests, is an opportunity where the entire leadership team of Indus Towers from Corporate office and Circles get together every quarter to discuss focus areas and targets. The venue is chosen in one of the 22 telecom circles across India – usually on a region wise rotation basis. Fisheye… Continue reading Circle CEO Conclave

Goa Beautiful

Goa Beautiful is an action brand committed to inspire, include and involve residents of Goa, the village panchayats, the government of Goa and India, visiting domestic and international tourists to Keep Goa Beautiful, Green and Clean – through individual and collective action. Using positive imagery of the greenery (leaves), beauty (flowers) and life in the… Continue reading Goa Beautiful

Chef Sanjay Matta

The identity for Chef Sanjay Matta is a combination of three icons – fresh fruit and vegetables, seafood and herbs. The type and colours are modern and light and connote the ocean – limitless and a wealth of delicious, fresh ingredients. The website for the Chef Sanjay Matta was designed to position and communicate the… Continue reading Chef Sanjay Matta

KPMG HR Brochure

Dummy text ntity for this niche inbound travel company is an elegant logotype accompanied with a palette of fresh bougainvillea and rich saffron. The extended ribbons, swirling from the type, represent a journey – from beginning to the end, filled with adventure – integral to the discovery of India.