About Turn Graphic Art Exhibition

Two pieces of graphic art created by Fisheye on the theme of the contemporary Indian woman, which was curated by Alka Pande of The Visual Arts Gallery, Habitat Centre. The graphic art show entitled ‘About Turn’ explored the progressive / regressive nature of the indian woman in society. Both pieces were sold in the show.

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Unitech Corporate Office

The interior graphics for a new corporate office for Unitech Limited, a real estate company, brings out the essence of the vision of the company using super graphics (60 ft X 15 ft) and and presents their projects in an innovative way. The use of typography to connote structure and therefore was a metaphor for… Continue reading Unitech Corporate Office

A Goa Green Map Story

The Goa Green Map story is a self initiative to keep Goa clean, green and beautiful. Green in terms of activities related to sustainability, clean in order to encourage proper waste management and beautiful in terms of its rich and glorious heritage. The idea is to share interesting stories on the preservation of Goa instead… Continue reading A Goa Green Map Story

Flip Bistro & Takeout

The naming, identity and tagline for a Flip Bistro was conceptualised and created. The hand drawn logotype visually contained both the healthy (the angelic halo) and not-so-healthy (the devils tail) handmade food that was served daily in the restaurant. A set of 6 pictograms were designed for Flip Bistro as visual icons to embody the… Continue reading Flip Bistro & Takeout

Indus: Mission & Vision

In 2020, Indus Towers stepped into a new chapter of digital connectivity with the merger with Bharti Infratel Limited. To reflect upon the tremendous growth potential and to celebrate the 1st year of the merger – Indus Towers redefined the ideology of the merged entity and co-created its Mission, Vision and Values. Fisheye helped giving… Continue reading Indus: Mission & Vision

Imaging on India

Fisheye on India aims to capture contemporary Indian culture, through the medium of postcards. Informative yet funny, provocative yet relevant, they make great gifts for special friends and aquaintances. Fisheye on India aims to capture contemporary Indian culture, through the medium of postcards. Informative yet funny, provocative yet relevant, they make great gifts for special… Continue reading Imaging on India

Republic of Chicken

Promoted by the Alchemist Group, Republic of Chicken (ROC) is one of India’s largest integrated poultry producers who supply premium chicken products to leading global brands such as KFC (Yum Brands), Oberoi’s, Lite bite foods, Walmart, Spencers, Nature’s Basket & other Hypermarkets. ROC also has its own retail brand. The identity for Republic of Chicken… Continue reading Republic of Chicken

Goa Beautiful

Goa Beautiful is an action brand committed to inspire, include and involve residents of Goa, the village panchayats, the government of Goa and India, visiting domestic and international tourists to Keep Goa Beautiful, Green and Clean – through individual and collective action. Using positive imagery of the greenery (leaves), beauty (flowers) and life in the… Continue reading Goa Beautiful

Photo Collage Graphic Art

6 postcards that capture aspects of Indian culture as print promotion for a niche inbound travel company, reaching out to potential customers and reconnecting with older ones. Based on the themes of art and architecture, costume and ornamentation, food and spices, street and bazaar, signage and transportation, the style combines photo-collage with eclectic illustrative styles… Continue reading Photo Collage Graphic Art

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