Indus Towers Website

Indus Towers Limited is an Indian telecommunications infrastructure company offering infrastructure services to mobile network operators and other wireless services providers. Fisheye was tasked with designing the website for Indus, and the it was officially launched in 2018. Keeping the visual style guide in mind, the website’s design follows a clean, simple, yet fresh look along with graphics created… Continue reading Indus Towers Website

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Stonor House

The identity for the Stonor heritage manor house with gardens is a visual representation of the actual neo gothic inspired structure, flanked by Chiltern Oaks and inspired by a painting of the House. The application of the identity extends to marketing tools such as the website and brochure. The website design and content invites people… Continue reading Stonor House

World Bank Graphic Art

The World Bank works on improving primary education and empowering rural communities in India. The new office space for the World Bank in New Delhi needed graphic art to fill in the vast empty wall spaces with the office. Fisheye selected photo stock from the World Bank archives, added graphics,illustrations and colour to depict the… Continue reading World Bank Graphic Art

Indus Advertisements

Fisheye has created print and digital advertisement for Indus Tower, as enablers of connectivity –  which benefits not just a few, but carries the whole of India with it. Enabling generation next and  kick starting India’s digital economy. The ads aim to also communicate the core values and ethics of Indus Towers for their investors,… Continue reading Indus Advertisements

Indus Partner Meets

A Business Partner is inducted into the Indus family after meeting the Indus requirements of QCDD: Quality, Cost, Development and Delivery. Fisheye designed the Identity for the SCM function’s Vision of “Excellence Thru’ Collaboration” and collaterals for Partner Meets. Visual communication of the Indus value systems and code of conduct of Indus Towers part of… Continue reading Indus Partner Meets

PM Cinemas

Creating the identity of PM Cinemas had several constraints and we enjoyed creating a mix of the grandeur of classic cinema experience with the more contemporary multiplex cinema culture of today. Icons of chandeliers, red carpet, retro typography were combined to make bold statements across interior spaces, packaging and branded collaterals.

Indus Landowners

The property or landowners are the key collaborators of Indus Towers as they strive to generate long term returns for Landowners by conducting  business in a profitable, responsible and sustainable manner. In 2020, Indus launched a nation-wide campaign #TOWERSAREGOOD, to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and to support education, telemedicine and businesses online. As brand… Continue reading Indus Landowners

World Telecom Day

Every year, Fisheye has designed the collaterals for Indus to celebrate World Telecom Day in line with the theme of the year. In these collaterals, the focus was on the power of Big Data for development and its aim to explore how to turn imperfect, complex, and often unstructured data into actionable information in the… Continue reading World Telecom Day

Be Wilder

BeWilder is our ongoing self initiated project which focuses on sensitising people of urban cities towards wildlife sharing the planet with us. As mankind ‘evolves’, their disconnect with nature widens. Reptiles and insects disgust us, animals and birds scare us. We no longer relate, comprehend, or appreciate these fellow species and associate them with notions… Continue reading Be Wilder