Texture Inc.

The identity for the manufacturers and exporters of exclusive silk fabric for homes – Texture, is a visual representation of the weave seen in fabric. The colours are warm and rich with a highlight in deep red – Indian colours that mirror the embroidery on many of the silks. www.texture-fabrics.com

Purple Valley Yoga

Purple Valley is a peaceful ashtanga yoga retreat centre in Goa, located on India’s west coast, close to sandy beaches and the Arabian Sea. Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga which is a moving meditation – a system of flowing postures, linked by the breath. Inspired by this special movement of synchronised breath Fisheye created it’s identity using… Continue reading Purple Valley Yoga

A Goa Green Map Story

The Goa Green Map story is a self initiative to keep Goa clean, green and beautiful. Green in terms of activities related to sustainability, clean in order to encourage proper waste management and beautiful in terms of its rich and glorious heritage. The idea is to share interesting stories on the preservation of Goa instead… Continue reading A Goa Green Map Story

Otentic Interiors

An identity for an interiors and furniture firm – Otentic, curates its furniture and craft pieces fromIndia – is a stamp of authenticity (authentic puns on otentic). Angelie collects unique, vintage, antique furniture, accessoiries and architectual elements during her travels, often also sourcing for interior designers and architects in India and Asia. The motif and… Continue reading Otentic Interiors

Earth Store

The identity for a brand of natural body care and organic foods – Earthstore, was designed by bringing together abstract forms of various natural elements, thereby connecting the logo to the brand name. A packaging identity system was designed and developed using the visual elements of the logo, along with a distinct colour palette, typography… Continue reading Earth Store


A identity for an eclectic home store in Lagos uses the travelling seed as a metaphor for the range of products sourced from around the world. Inspired by nature in form and colour, the identity connotes lightness and rhythm, that is prevalent in the elements. The identity of Earthsong was applied across store signage, labels and… Continue reading Earthsong

Assagao Birthing Centre

The Assagao Birthday Centre is founded by Corinna Stahlhofen – an afrogerman midwife living in Goa – who designed the Centre to be a peaceful, home like and safe environment  set in lush greenery – to support and empower pregnant women through their pregnancy, natural child birth and/or water birth and to provide post natal… Continue reading Assagao Birthing Centre

Sushumna Yoga

Sushumna offers a healing environment that is extraordinary for the holistic treatment of the mind, body and soul through. The redesign of the website for Sushumna Yoga School & Studio’s in Goa required a look and feel which gave information about its programs, vision and teachers with was apt, user friendly and functional. Keeping the… Continue reading Sushumna Yoga

Chinku Galiney Faux Finishes

A identity for an interior designer – Chinku Galiney, specialising in faux finishes for walls and furniture in the USA, is a combination of the main tools used in the process – the brush, the roller and the sponge. The background pattern is inspired by paint applied onto a surface.

Sitaram Bhartia Hospital

The logo for Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research was redesigned with a brief to keep in mind the ‘sun like’ form of the previous identity and clearly show that hospital symbol of the cross, since the name of the Healthcare Institute did not carry the word ‘hospital’ in its name. Fisheye combined the… Continue reading Sitaram Bhartia Hospital

9 Months

The identity for a clothing label – 9 months – makes fashionable ready to wear clothing for expecting mothers. the logo is a visual pun of a logotype with 9 contained in the ‘months’ – like a mother and child. The look and feel is fresh, young and positive to make women feel good about… Continue reading 9 Months


The logo and packaging identity system was developed for Osmos – a range of botanical body care products for men. The colours, typography, product graphics and logo visually position the brand as fresh and organic with an appeal to the metrosexual urban male. www.osmosmen.com